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Drawings & Renderings
Repairs & Renovations
Custom Builds
New Client Package

Floor plan Drawings and 3D Renderings

We never start a van without a plan, drawings and renderings. Even if you don't hire us to build your van, we recommend that you create an extremely in depth plan and drawings to guide you on your build. We have an inhouse team of graphic designers and van planners who can help you figure out what goes where and visualize how everything will fit together. We can create floor plans with measurements as well as 3D renderings for you to see how everything will look before you even start building your van.

Repairs & Renovations

Let our team of specialists complete repairs and renovations to get you back on the road faster. We have master carpenters, electricians, plumbers and even a diesel mechanic on staff and ready to handle every possible repair on your camper van.
$75 per hour + parts

Full or Partial Custom Builds

Why stress yourself out trying to build your own van. Most people don't have the time, knowledge, tools or workspace to build their own van. Many who attempt to build their own van never finish. You'll invest a lot of time researching how to do things, figuring out what to order or doing things wrong and then doing them over. In the end, you may end up spending the same or more money than if you had just hired a professional in the first place. Save yourself a lot of stress and headaches and let us build your van for you. You'll end up with a better finished product and you will have saved a lot of time you could have devoted to your family, your career or doing the things you love.

Hourly Consulting with Josh

Need advice on floor plan or which brand of van is right for you? Maybe you want some help with design? Josh has over 15 years of high end construction experience and has lived and travelled in a van for over 3 years. Any question you might have about designing, building, living or traveling in a van...Josh probably has the solution for you. A two hour call with Josh could potentially save you several thousands of dollars in mistakes from designing and planning your van build incorrectly.
$50 per hour

A La Carte Installations

Want to tackle the build yourself but don't feel comfortable installing a window or fan? Maybe you feel overwhelmed with the complexity of a solar electrical system? We can take on the items you don't want to and let you focus on the more fun processes of building a van.
$75 per hour + parts

New Client Package

$500 (Credited towards the purchase of a custom van build)
2 hour design consultation with Josh,
Professional floorplans
3D renderings

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