Vanlife & COVID-19

“It sounds cliché, but it really is the small things in life…the basic things (food, shelter, clothing, freedom) you can be grateful for, that truly make you happy…”

One of the most frequently asked questions in the vanlife community during the COVID-19 pandemic has been, “What do you do when the whole world is ordered to stay in, quarantined, but you live in a van?” Do you stay or do you go now?

Since the pandemic hit, all types of travel have been put to a halt. Vanlifers lifestyles have changed, most careers have turned remote and are not quite the same, and those who are part of the vanlife community have had to make a lot of changes to their usual ways of life. When travel restrictions were put into place, many of those who lived or traveled in their vans, were not able to stop at their usual parking areas and had to find alternative ways to live

During these uncertain times, vanlifers around the US no longer had access to national parks, gyms, showers, and bathroom facilities. There were also guidelines changing sporadically, so other accommodations had to be made due to state-wide curfews, location limits and restrictions. 

Vanlifers like to go to state and national parks, but with all the uncertainty, many states were not able to provide up to date information on their websites. So instead of driving to locations that may have been closed, many vanlifers decided to stay put with family and friends. 

Also, as many vanlifers work remotely, as freelancers, influencers, bloggers, and share their experiences along the way, they started to get mixed messages and negative feedback. For example, some vanlifers explain how they were told they should, “go home” and had many mixed reviews about living on the road during the coronavirus pandemic even though, most considered their van their home. 

The changes during these unexpected times began to amplify the everyday vanlife inconveniences, such as where to get food, where to shower, where to stay overnight and where to go for a good stretch, an outdoor adventure or change of scenery. Vanlifers did not want to spread the virus, so some decided to stay put, but others felt they needed to find some private land to stop feeling “packed in like sardines.”

A lot of vans were built previously without indoor and outdoor showers, and now there is a really big shift towards people wanting showers in their van, mainly due to the pandemic. Vanmakers customizes vans and can include a custom shower to make the experience more comfortable and convenient. 

Are you a vanlifer trying to navigate through the coronavirus pandemic? Interested in becoming part of the vanlife community? Vanmakers designs & builds quality vans with style and functionality for the best vanlife experience. They have extensive knowledge and experience of living life in a van and help to create the right blueprint to meet each person’s needs. They customize and build one-of-a-kind vans, as if it was their own and help get you ready for memories that will last a lifetime!

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