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Ready to begin your vanlife journey on the road and don’t know which van to choose? Whether you are interested in living full-time in a van or just looking for a weekend getaway camper, it’s important to learn about the differences between the models available and choose the one that resonates most with your lifestyle. 

As custom-building vans is becoming more popular due to Covid-19, the major differences between the building processes are worth noting. For example, if you are deciding between the Sprinter and the Promaster, both have great advantages and some disadvantages you’ll want to be aware of when making your decision. 

The Sprinter (4×4) is known for having a taller roof, as it has more vertical space and a bit less horizontal space across the width, where a bed might be placed. However, it is known to be a heavy-duty van that is built better, and built to last with heavier steel, fit and finish. The way this van is designed, allows for more cargo carrying capacity and a smoother ride. This model takes diesel fuel, making it more fuel efficient, but it may be more expensive to service, repair and maintain overtime than other van models. The Sprinter it is known to be the “gold standard” for vanlifers as it has the capability for interior van design versatility. It does have less wiring space available than the Promaster, so depending on your needs, this may be considered a con. 

The Promaster has a larger space available horizontally, which is good for sleeping, especially if you are traveling with more than one person. It is easier to wire this van, so depending on your lifestyle and personality, this may be more convenient. This model has front wheel drive, so it is great for off roading, and travelers who are driving up steeper mountain terrain. Due to this, when customizing this van, weight distribution will need to favor the front of the van. Finally, this van will only take gasoline, which may make the travel costs more expensive overtime, compared to that of the Sprinter. 

Vanmakers customizes vans to meet your needs and have three models available, The Alberta Van, The Grey Van and The White Van. The Alberta Van is a Dodge Ram Promaster 3500, and his van runs excellent! It has a ridiculously low 46k miles and a diesel engine. The 3500 model is powerful, and it has a front wheel drive, so the turning radius is amazing. The Grey Van is a 2015 Ram Promaster 3500 Eco Diesel 159″ EXT Wheelbase, and it used to be one of the founder’s vans. The White Van is a 2014 Dodge Ram Promaster 2500. The van has keyless entry, power door locks, power windows, power mirrors, Bluetooth, rear backup camera, backup sensors and touchscreen display.  Cosmetically the van is like new, no rust, no dents, no scratches.

Are you interested in choosing a custom van for you or already a Vanlifer interested in becoming part of the vanlife community? Vanmakers designs & builds quality vans with style and functionality for the best vanlife experience. They have extensive knowledge of living life in a van and help to create the right blueprint to meet each person’s needs. They customize and build one-of-a-kind vans, as if each were their own.

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