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“An investment in travel is an investment into yourself…”

New to vanlife and not sure how to stay connected while on the road? It may not come as such of a surprise, but nowadays, vanlife and finding internet is one of the most frequently asked about topics when considering this way of life. Not only do vanlifers need internet for everyday directions, finding cool spots, cheap eats and gas, most vanlifers blog about their journey and need to stay connected to maintain their careers while they travel too. Having internet while on the road makes things a whole lot easier and much more enjoyable. 

So, what’s the best way to stay connected? And what are the most reliable internet sources out there, that aren’t way too expensive? Fortunately, there are various internet options available for vanlifers. The most cost-effective route to take is using a cell phone with an unlimited data plan. This will keep your monthly costs down, payments consistent, and will allow for you to always have internet while living in a van. 

Some of the most highly recommended data plans to choose from in the US are Verizon’s unlimited data plans. They offer two high speed internet options that have unlimited data each month and extensive nationwide coverage. So, with Verizon, they say you won’t have to worry about overcharge ever again and they offer the best coverage in America, which is important to consider too. 

If you frequently need to access your laptop and have an unlimited plan, you can use your smartphone as a hotspot. One way to save data while doing this is by installing a data saver extension and using Chrome as your browser choice. This will reduce the amount of data that is being used and keep you forever connected. 

Not sure if you always want to be connected? You don’t have to be! But it’s always good to have the option when you’re on the road. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, more people than ever have begun working remotely. Those who have always been too busy to travel, have now been able to work from the road easily.  

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