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“Homeschooling allows you the freedom to step off the highway of learning and take a more scenic route along a dirt road…”

One of the biggest changes in the vanlife community during the Covid-19 pandemic, was the number of kiddos and families deciding to make a change, explore the world and homeschool on the road. Prior to 2020, vanlifers mostly consisted of solo travelers and couples. The biggest concern families had was the impact homeschooling might have on social life. However, when the whole world went on lockdown, with the ability to work and learn virtually, many families with kids decided to give vanlife a go! Why not explore the world, homeschool on the road, and learn new things along the way? 

For the last six months in the US, most of the population has been learning virtually. And this has been going on for longer in other parts of the world. Even though, one of the most frequently asked questions around vanlife and homeschooling is, “How can students have a proper education remotely?” 

Want to know the truth? Parents and teachers explain that students can learn more than ever before while home-schooling on the road. There are many resources available for effective home-schooling programs. And most don’t know this but, a lot of these great educational programs are free! It’s exciting!

When children are learning in school, they often read a lot of information from textbooks about different places and important moments that happened in time. Vanlife can bring all of those stories to life, which creates greater meaning. This helps students to retain more information and truly experience learning in real life

Here are a few tips that can help if you are home-schooling in a van:

  1. Having a schedule is key! Children thrive from having some type of routine. It does not have to be the exact same schedule every day or be in the same place but reading daily and having set times for certain lessons can help children feel more at ease. 
  2. It’s important to keep in mind that no two students learn in the same way. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to follow a curriculum that meets the needs of each unique learner. For example, if a child is a hands-on learner, experiments and physical examples and activities go a long way. And homeschooling in a van provides many more opportunities for real life, hands-on learning opportunities
  3. Turn the experience into an adventure project! Children can have fun and get crafty when learning on the road. Having a journal where students can put their pictures, they take along the way of landmarks, special destinations, maps and more can help them to remember important places and facts

Ready to go on a family adventure of a lifetime? Now is the perfect time for families to explore the world, in a custom vanmakers van! Customizing your van can provide an opportunity to create a home-schooling space that your child can enjoy learning in. 

Want to learn more about the vanlife community? Vanmakers designs & builds quality vans with style and functionality for the best vanlife experience. They have extensive knowledge and experience of living life in a van and help to create the right blueprint to meet each person’s needs. They customize and build one-of-a-kind vans, as if it was their own.


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