Vanlife Winter Survival Guide

“Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before.”

Ready to plan a great vanlife winter adventure this holiday season? There are some great tips and tricks that will help keep you and your van feeling nice and toasty during the coldest months on the road. Your Vanlife Winter Survival Guide all starts with how your van is built. There are a few additions that can make it much more comfortable.

To fully thrive and survive during winter van getaways, designing and preparing your van for your winter journey is the key. Insulating your van and building it from the inside out, for colder climates especially, will help you to feel comfier all winter long. For example, insulated window covers will help you keep the warm air in, which makes your van much warmer during the cooler winter days and nights. Insulating your van is also helpful when preparing for warmer weather vanlife destinations too. This is especially helpful for vanlifers who aren’t into winter sports and cold weather, and who migrate South during those months instead.

In the winter, vanlifers explain, that they have found the coldest parts of the van to be the floor and the cab area. To keep the van feeling at least “20 degrees higher”, it’s recommended to create an insulation barrier between the cab area and the back of the van. This small and cost-effective addition will serve as a cool air partition and keep more heat in the back area of the van, also known as your bedroom. Some budget friendly vanlife suggestions to use as a partition, are blackout curtains or a comforter to block off the cab area at night. Keeping all the extra heat in your van is the secret!

Even if the cab area is partitioned off, some vanlifers still found the floor to be extra cold. Any type of rug and warm slippers is highly recommended to keep your floor feeling nice and warm.

If you are someone that gets super cold in the winter months, you may want to invest in some type of portable heater (propane or diesel are the most common options) or furnace that doesn’t produce much moisture. Dry heat is most preferred, so you don’t have to worry about mold during the cold.

Once your vanlife model has these warming additions, there are a few other things to be aware of to be most prepared along the way. One thing that most likely will occur is your water may freeze, especially if you are sleeping in areas where there are sub-freezing temperatures. To prepare in advance for this, vanlifers always try to keep a tea kettle or container full of water readily available. This can be heated and used to thaw out ice when needed.

If you’re planning on transitioning to vanlife this winter or living in a van during the coldest months of the year, Vanmakers designs quality personalized vans that can help keep you safe and warm. They have extensive knowledge of living life in a van and help to create the right blueprint to meet each person’s needs. They customize and build one-of-a-kind vans, as if each were their own.

Are you a vanlifer who has winter survival tips? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to share your story, join our vanlife community, or learn more.

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