Vanlife with Kids

vanlife with kids

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“When you travel with children, you are giving them something that can never be taken away…experience, exposure and a way of life.”

There might have been a point in your life where you’ve thought about leaving it all, getting a van, hitting the road and no longer living a life where you constantly feel tied down to one place at any given time. But then reality kicks in. You think about all of your responsibilities, your family, your significant other, your kids and poof, just like that the vision becomes just another long-lost dream. Is Vanlife with children even possible? Sure is, and there are ways to make it an incredible journey! 

2020 has become the year of road schooling and now more than ever before, families are deciding to jump on the Vanlife bandwagon and bring their kids along for the ride of their lives too! Before the pandemic hit the world, many people who daydreamed of Vanlife living, kept it just as that, a dream, a wish, an idea that could never quite become a reality. This was until everything around the globe changed. Some Vanlifers, who have been traveling this year with kids, explain that all you need to do is communicate to prepare your kids for what’s yet to come, take it slow and allow for them to also take part in making decisions along the way. 

While dreaming of living life as an adventurous vanlife traveling soul seemed impossible if you add kids into the mix, many families are finding the benefits of living this way of life. For example, some of the biggest appeals for Vanlifers with kids is how they can live rent-free, all while teaching their kids real life lessons and showing them what the world has to offer. It also is an opportunity to practice very important life skills, such as critical thinking skills, communication, organization, planning and prepping, flexibility, minimalistic living, and what to do if there’s no wi-fi available and things don’t work out as planned. No joke!

In today’s society things happen instantly. We have the ability to access so much information at the touch of a button, at any given time. Teaching children about other ways of life and providing them with time to explore the great outdoors, offers opportunities to develop stronger relationships as a family, and foster the spirit of enjoying new, unknown adventures.  

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